“Designed by Riders, from the heart of Italy. Racered is born from our passion for motor, fashion and crafts; from the inspiration in the enduro garments that were used in the early 70s.”
safety trousers for bikers


We take denim fabric to the next level, transforming it into invisible armour that will be with you always and watch over you at all times.


Our advanced fabrics mean we can make trousers that are the epitome of comfort and safety. These jeans get better with every use, adapting to you, your motorcycle and your life.

Style Racered


We meticulously select the best threads and fabrics for our products to ensure excellence not only in comfort but also in appearance.


We provide you independence and freedom

Racered seeks to provide you with the same sense of freedom and independence you feel when riding your motorcycle, making sure you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Discover our quality motorcycle clothing for men and women

detalles pantalones vaqueros racered para motoristas

New Tuono

Let the biker style give your look a modern, urban touch; the stitching detail on the thighs and hips exude pure Racered craftsmanship with a reputation for becoming favourites in every wardrobe, and not just when on the bike.

Artisan magic

50 artisans, 30 hours of manual labor

They make possible the creation of a harmonious product in beauty and comfort, for pure bikers.