All Racered jeans are stitched, tested and certified under the strictest safety standards, so you can ride knowing you are guarded from potential dangers.  Just like the armour of a shield, the protective elements in Racered jeans will reduce the damage caused by a fall. The protections are descreetly incorporated into the design of the pants, so it will feel like nothing is there. Your very own Invisible Armour.


Motorcycle clothing with CE certified safety protection


All our jeans and protections hold the CE mark, an EU product-guarantee ensuring safety and manufacturing standards.
They have been tested by RicoTest, a leader in the field of PPE (personal protective equipment) research, inspection and testing.  See the video below of how Racered jeans are tested to recreate the conditions of a crash. According to standard (EU) 2016/425, and technical requisites FprEN 17092:2019.


Unlike other brands, we control the production process of our pants from the blending of the individual fibers used to created the jeans, to the final hand-stitching of all the individual pieces. While this may require extra time and costs, this allows us to create the highest quality product for you; applying our expert criteria across all aspects of the design: materials, washing, testing, and production.
In addition to our own patented blend of fibers, we reinforce the inside of our jeans with DuPont Kevlar® aramid fibres, a tough, lightweight material with superior resistance to abrasion.  So you can ride in comfort, and safety.
The easily removable protectors in our jeans are made by the German firm, SAS-TEC.  The unique techonology imployed by these protectors allow for continued flexibility up until the moment of impact, where they rapidly harden to absorb impact energy.  They quickly return to their original flexbile state afterwards. Maximum safety. Maximum comfort. Authentic biker roots.