We represent high level fashion through a unique biker experience that gives special care and attention to all elements related to the safety and comfort of the biker.


Your safety on the motorcycle is essential, and in our products we rigorously test resistance to impacts and abrasions to assure you are riding safe. Racered is handmade quality, it is attention to detail, it is the harmony between beauty and craftsmanship, a symbol of a culture and a typical Italian way of life. Passion is our engine. Safety, comfort and style is our common denominator. Racered is the fashion you were waiting for your day-to-day city rides, and open road adventures. 100% handmade in Italy.


To establish the motorcycle as your life partner. Equally for lovers of adventure and the unknown, and you use this vehicle as a means of daily transportation. Under a shared sense of freedom, we strive to unite you with your passion for motorcycles.

Achieve excellence in the combination of fashion and safety for the motorcycle world. As well as promote responsible riding, taking into account that your needs for daily comfort do not have to be at odds with the components of maximum safety and style.



These versatile motorcycle trousers let you ride without sacrificing your style.

State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and materials ensure your safety on the motorbike.

Being comfortable on your bike is fundamental. Riding with improved comfort is improved safety.

Our trousers hold the CE mark, a product guarantee ensuring compliance with the (EU) 2016/425 standard. They have been verified on the basis of laboratory testing conducted in accordance with technical requisites: FprEN 17092:2019, obtaining A and AA certifications.

We meticulously select the best threads and fabrics for our products to ensure excellence not only in comfort but also in appearance.

We reinforce the inside of our trousers with DuPont Kevlar® aramid fibres, a strong, lightweight material with increased resistance to abrasion.

The SAS-TEC motorcycle knee protectors also have CE certification, PPE Category II, which the unique techonology used allows for continued flexibility while only locking upon impacts, allowing for maximum comfort and protection. 


100% Made in Italy


Handmade quality

Attention to detail; the epitome of the harmony between beauty and craftsmanship; a symbol of a culture and a typically Italian way of life.

Attention to detail

Our trousers are tailored with myriad details, composed of up to 60 individual pieces assembled by hand as part of a process lasting over 30 hours.

Made in Italy

The result is a collection of models bringing together elegance, modernity, style and functionality, authentic Made in Italy design.