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About Us

The history of Racered begins in 1980’s Italy, with Italian Enduro racer Fabrizio.  Fabrizio competed throughout the 80’s, alongside famed Italian champion, Franco Bartocci.

As a rider, Fabrizio found little comfort in the polyester based motorcycle clothing used during the time, in fact polyester fiber would burn “like a plastic” when it came in contact with the hot muffler of the bike, causing burns and in general, discomfort.

Racered inspired by 1980's Enduro racer FabrizioAs an expert in Italy’s textile industry, this led to the dream of Fabrizio to design his own patented fibers and fabrics. His vision was to create motorcycle clothes with the perfect blend of safety, comfort and style that was missing in the market.

After years of innovation and trial, Racered was born. 

A purely artisan product, from the spinning of the individual fibers used, to the final hand stitching and assembling of Racered jeans. Everything about Racered is a result of years of passion and experience. Fabrizio continues to stand by his vision and the creation of a product that is superior to anything else you will find on the market today.

Racered founded by Italian textile expert, Enduro racer Fabrizio

 “Safety, comfort and style. Racered still lives by these principles, the same principles that inspired its creation over 30 years ago.”


State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and materials ensure your safety on the motorcycle.

Our jeans hold the CE mark, a product guarantee ensuring compliance with the (EU) 2016/425 standard. They have been verified on the basis of laboratory testing to abrasions and impacts, conducted in accordance with technical requisites: FprEN 17092:2019, obtaining A and AA certifications.

We reinforce the inside of our jeans with DuPont Kevlar® aramid fibres, a strong, lightweight material with superior resistance to abrasion.

The German-made SAS-TEC knee protectors also hold CE certification: PPE Category II. The unique techonology used allows for continued flexibility while only locking upon impacts, returning rapidly to its original flexbility for maximum comfort and protection. 



Handmade quality

Attention to detail; every stitch is a reflection of the beauty and craftsmanship in every jean; a symbol of a culture and a typically Italian way of life.

Attention to detail

Our biker jeans are tailored with myriad details, composed of up to 60 individual pieces assembled by hand as part of a process lasting over 30 hours.

Made in Italy

The result is a collection of models bringing together elegance, modernity, style and functionality, truly authentic Made in Italy design.