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Article: Why is your motorcycle safety gear important?

Why is your motorcycle safety gear important?

Why is your motorcycle safety gear important?

 Riding your motorcycle in safety

That's the question we are all asking ourselves, why is your motorcycle safety gear so important...?

The most obvious reason why motorcycle your riding gear is important to your wellbeing, is that it prevents injury. 

The less time you spend recovering from injury, the more time you have toenjoy the things you like most in life (ex. Going for a ride).

Recently, a member of our #racered community experienced a crash while riding.  Fortunately, he was wearing our Nevada jeans for men and other protective gear so he did not experience any serious injury.

We thought we would take a moment to share this story with you because although we enjoy motorcycle pants, jeans, etc. that are comfy and stylish, the #1 most important factor is safety. 


Humberto’s Story

Humberto like many of us, lives for riding.  Long rides and trips to nearby towns on his bike are the highlights of his weeks and months.

Unfortunately, during one of these rides Humberto had an accident while going 70 km/h.  Studies have shown that crashes above 50 km/h tend to result in more serious injuries. So, Humberto’s crash is not to be taken lightly.

Motorcycle crash injury occurs most frequently to the areas of the body most vulnerable to impacts and abrasions. This includes the buttocks, hips, elbows, knees, hands, head, and feet, amongst others.

We received post-crash images of Humberto’s Nevada jeans.  If we take a closer look we can see the significant impact taken to the knee of the jeans:


biker jeans protecting against a crash
On other parts of the jeans we can see signs of abrasion.  In this case, the abrasion was caused by sliding on the ground after crashing:
biker jeans after a crash
Here we see some additional abrasion damage to the side of the leg and shin areas:
motorcycle pants protecting you against an accident
Why your motorcycle safety gear is important


In fact today, CE certified pants like Racered, undergo special abrasion tests.  You can learn more about these tests in our blog on motorcycle protection equipment and “CE” certification.


To end we leave you with words of Humberto himself. No doubt he was glad to be wearing Racered! (so were we).  We are thrilled to protect riders like Humberto, but provide style and comfort at the same time.


“ I'm leaving you my comments on how satisfied I am with the design of this garment and the protection for riding that I have been able to test in all its aspects. From comfort to design they are a 10, the same for its protection. I had the misfortune to try them out when I slid going 70km/h and left out without any injury to my legs buttocks or knees - the pants did their job to perfection. Congratulations to this great brand for making quality garments at the level that is required of them. Thank you!”


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