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Article: What motorcycle equipment is required while riding in the EU?

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What motorcycle equipment is required while riding in the EU?

Caution on the road is very important because every second of reaction time counts when considering safe maneuvering of your motorcycle. That is why it is essential to always concentrate while driving, be attentive to your surroundings, and respect traffic rules.

In addition to precaution, there are other indispensable safety measures that you should take into account before starting your bike, such as wearing motorcycle accesories

Surely, before a motorcycle trip, whether for urban or interurban travel, you have asked yourself what motorcycle equipment is mandatory for riding a motorcycle?

In this blog, we tell you which are the mandatory motorcycle accessories, at least most currently, in Europe.

Mandatory equipment according to the DGT

According to the European Commision, a helmet is required to ride a motorcycle in all EU countries. However, specific EU countries are exploring further requirements, such as in Spain, where gloves may also be required by the end of 2021.

"All drivers and passengers of motorcycles and mopeds must use an approved helmet on any type of road. They will be exempt from using it when they have a self-protection structure, safety belts and this is stated on their vehicle registration card.”


The helmet must:

- Be approved for use in the EU.

- Be the right size.

- Always be fastened. Many head injuries are caused by the helmet being thrown off on impact.

- Have a ventilation system that allows for adequate airing in hot weather and prevents fogging of the visor in winter.

- The visor should be clear (not tinted). With an interior coating that prevents fogging, or with a double screen.

- Be in perfect condition. If you have suffered a strong blow or have fallen from a height of more than 1.50 meters, it should be changed".


There are several different types of helmets on the market: modular helmets, motorcycle helmets with bluetooth... the helmet plays a leading role in the equipment of bikers, so there is a wide range and with helmets for different riding occasions.

The world of motorcycle accessories is very wide and includes many more pieces such as: motorcycle thermal gloves, biker jackets, riding boots, motorcycle pants, neckwear, leg covers...

Motorcycle riding gear should not be optional, but rather mandatory out of common sense and protective instinct.


Safer motorcycle clothing

The selection of motorcycle clothing and the importance on self-protection (beyond the minimal regulations) is growing more and more every day. Both in the city and on the roads, we here at Racered care for equipping you well, without sacrificing your comfort.

To do this, the team at Racered has put together a collection of handcrafted motorcycle pants using only the best fabrics, such as patented mixes of premium cotton denim and polyester lining. The combination of said fibers, complements the properties of each and favors movement and comfort on the motorcycle. 

The areas at higher risk for impact and abrasion are reinforced DuPont™ Kevlar®.  This includes the knee and seat areas.

Our men’s and women’s motorcycle jeans are all tested and certified to offer you the best protection in the event of an unfortunate fall.

All our motorcycle pants include removable hip and knee protectors (SAS-TEC Class 2) that will give you the safety you need.

Motorcycle PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is essential to avoid as much damage as possible in the event an accident should occur, especially because you are not always responsible for what occurs on the road.

Lastly, we would like to remind you how important it is to choose good quality accessories, because as the old saying goes, sometimes "cheap is expensive".


Not sure what pants you should buy? Check out our guide on buying motorcycle jeans here.

Or feel free to reach out to our riding gear experts! Contact us

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