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Article: The grand opening of the Racered Blog is finally here!

Man riding motorcycle through Italy with Racered

The grand opening of the Racered Blog is finally here!

Racered is a brand born from our passion for motorcycles, fashion and craftsmanship. 

Hello biker guys and gals! Let us introduce ourselves: We are Racered. Made in our beloved factory in the heart of Italy, in the city of Mosciano Sant'Angelo (Abruzzo). There, artisan hands create premium motorcycle clothing for daily use, using the most current manufacturing technology. We love biker fashion, and like others similar to us, love to feel comfortable on and off the bike!

The quality of the used in Racered fabrics and the different washing processes have allowed us to create a unique product in both beauty and comfort, for purebred bikers.

Man wearing Racered jeans for daily use on a motorcycle

We are ecstatic to open this blog and begin sharing with you our knowledge of the motorcycle world, as well as provide you with your fix for interesting industry news, info, and more!



If so, you are in the right place.  To answer the needs of our passionate bikers, we wanted to make versatile motorcycle pants, which could be used all year round, in summer and winter. We also wanted them to be timeless in terms of fabrics and colors, since jeans are garments that we wear all year round and for all occasions. Whether riding your bike or not, you may not ever want to take them off!

Not to mention motorcycle safety. We include two easily removable hip protectors and two soft and flexible knee protectors that lock on impact and quickly return to their original position. Materials such as Kevlar, SAS-TEC and Viscofoam ensure superior safety and quality.  We offer the below products for your riding needs:

Men's Motorcycle Pants

We have multiple styles of men's motorcycle jeans, consisting of up to 60 pieces. 100% handmade in Italy.

Women's Motorcycle Pants

Specially designed for women, you can check out our diferent women's motorcycle pants here.  These are exclusive models that favor women but are comfortable yet safe, and come included with our fashionable touch.

Motorcycle T-shirts

We also manufacture urban-style biker T-shirts , ideal to complete your look and combine them with other accessories such as motorcycle helmets and jackets.

Man wearing Racered biker T-shirt  
Racered Blog

Stay tuned because we are always updating our shop with motorcycle clothing for men and women in line with the latest fashion trends.

We have created this blog to share our passion for the motorcycle world with you. We will talk about biker culture, the latest news from the motorcycle industry, fashion trends, giveaways, promotions and much more.

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