Privacy and Cookies policy

About us

Succodimore is one of the leaders in national distribution of the best fashion brands. From our showrooms strategically located throughout Spain, we serve and position our brands in the best multi-brand spaces, all over the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Portugal.

With more than 15 years of experience in the textile sector, our main objective is to accompany and satisfy the needs of our professional and private clients, offering them an easy, agile and helpful shopping experience, high quality fashion and a pioneering after-sales service in Spain.

Our mission is to achieve, via our fashion products and customer service, an enduring link with a broad spectrum of people who identify us by our friendly service, quality and reliability, maintaining a balance that provides mutual benefit.

We currently work with more than 327 multi-brand points of sale distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Portugal and we have four digital platforms for sales to individual clients (,, and

Denny Rose, Sahoco, Racered, Almagores, Anima Gemella, Succo are some of the brands that help us create total looks for our clients.

Our Privacy Policy is detailed below:

  1. who controls and is in charge of your data?

Who is in charge of processing your data?

  • Address: C/ Vereda de los Barros, 53G, 28925 Alcorcón (Madrid).
  • NIF B40190993.
  • Registro Mercantil de Segovia al Tomo 161, Folio 1, Sección 8, Hoja SG 3577, Inscripción 1ª.
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone +34 91 523 70 78

Succodimore SL’s digital channels are:


Henceforth referred to as digital channels.

  1. Why we process your personal data

What is the purpose or processing your data?

The treatment of your data through the digital channels of Succodimore SL has the following purposes:

  • By providing us with your email address, we can let you know when an article is available.
  • By creating a user account your purchases can be made with the same access data thus avoiding filling in your data each time you want to purchase a new product.
  • If agreed via the registration form, we will periodically send you promotions relating to our products or information on the fashion world. If you did not subscribe during the registration process and do not want to miss out on our news, you can modify your preferences now by accessing your user account.
  • You can also use your user account to contact Succodimore in order to submit any questions, queries, recommendations or suggestions, etc.
  • In Succodimore we are committed to only collect data that is strictly necessary for each of the purposes indicated. We will inform you of the obligatory nature of each case and we guarantee the confidentiality and security of the data you provide.
  • The responsibility for the veracity of the data provided corresponds to you as a user. Succodimore reserves the right to exclude from the registered services any user who has provided false data, without prejudice to other actions that proceed in law.
  1. Legitimation

What is the legitimacy for the treatment of your data?

The legal basis for the treatment of your data is the voluntary consent that we request through the registration form, via which it is also necessary that you accept the terms and conditions of the use of the website.

By ticking the corresponding boxes in the registration, you agree to receive commercial information about our brands’ products. Withdrawing this consent, however, does not imply the cancellation of the contractual relationship, as such you can continue shopping on our digital channels with the same access data.

  1. Recipients of data

Who will receive your data?

Your personal data will be communicated to Succodimore S.L. collaborators who manage the digital channels and the deliveries with commercial information, including those who are in charge of the delivery of the orders, to which the levels of security of protection of personal data are applied according to the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016, relative to the protection of physical persons with regard to the treatment of personal data.

Succodimore will cede or communicate the data to third parties in order to be able to offer the service you are contracting, for example, to logistics and transport companies in order to be able to deliver your order.

  1. User’s rights

What are your rights when making your data available to us?

As a user you have the right to:

  • Access your personal data collected through the digital channels of Succodimore SL.
  • Request the rectification or modification of your data.
  • Delete your personal data by deleting your user account.
  • Limit the processing of your data.
  • Oppose the processing of your data. In this case, Succodimore will cease to process your data, except for legal cases/ reasons or for the exercise or defence of possible claims.
  • Transferring your data, i.e. requesting Succodimore to download your data in a structured way or to transmit your data directly to a third party, if technically possible.

You can exercise your rights by submitting your request to Succodimore SL via the e-mail addresses, including a copy of your national identity document, passport or other valid identity document.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us by sending an email to or by calling +34 91 523 70 78.

Likewise, if you have any queries about the exercise of your rights, you can contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency to resolve any doubts at You can also file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency if you do not agree with the exercise of your rights, at Calle de Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid, telephone: +34 912 66 35 17.

  1. Security measures

In Succodimore SL we will treat all data under the strictest confidentiality, applying the security, technical and organisational measures that correspond to the applicable legislation.

We are committed to maintaining the levels of personal data protection security in accordance with  the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and have established all the technical means at our disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the data you provide to us through the website, without prejudice to informing you that Internet security measures are not impregnable.

We also undertake to comply with the duty of secrecy and confidentiality with respect to the personal data you have deposited with us in accordance with applicable legislation.

By providing us with your personal data and using our digital channels, we understand that you have read and understood the terms related to the personal data protection information set out in this document.

  1. Additional information

For how long will we keep your data?

For registered users, we will retain the personal data collected through digital channels for as long as we maintain the business relationship or for as many years as necessary to fulfil legal obligations. For non-registered users, we will also retain your data for as long as necessary to fulfil your request.

When you no longer wish to receive our commercial information and fashion news, you can unsubscribe at any time through your user account or request to unsubscribe by sending an email to

How have we obtained your data?

We collect your data when you voluntarily complete the online registration by:

  • Completing the registration form to create your user account and make purchases through our digital channels.
  • Subscribing to the newsletter available on our digital channels.
  • Using the product availability notification service

What type of data do we process?

Succodimore SL only processes identification data. No specifically protected data is processed.


COOKIES policy

A cookie or computer cookie is a small file placed on your computer by a website and stored in the user’s browser history, so that the website can consult the user’s previous activity.

Its main functions are:

  • User identification: when you enter your user name and password, a cookie is stored so that you do not have to repeat the information on each page of the server. A cookie, however, does not identify a person, but a computer combination of computer-browser-user.
  • To gather information about the user’s browsing habits and detect spyware attempts from advertising agencies or the like. This can cause privacy problems and is one of the reasons cookies have their detractors.
  1. Types of cookies

Depending on their nature or functionality, cookies are classified into the following types:

1.1. According to the entity that manages them

Depending on the entity that manages the website from which cookies are sent and the data collected is processed, cookies are classified into:

Own: Cookies sent to the user’s access device from the website of the owner of the service. The management of cookies and data processing is carried out by the company providing the web service to which the user accesses.

From third parties: Although they are sent to the user’s access device from the website accessed, the management of cookies and the processing of data are carried out by a third party through cookies. A common example is found in the cookies of third party ads on web pages that allow the content manager to adapt them depending on the history of web access, location or other information that can be retrieved from the device.

1.2. Depending on how long they remain active

Depending on the duration in which cookies remain activated in the user’s access device, cookies can be classified into:

Session: Those whose validity is limited to the duration of the user’s session. In other words, they collect and store the information necessary to provide web services while the user is using them.

Persistent: Cookies that remain in the user’s access device beyond the moment in which the user uses the web services. The person responsible for the cookie can access them and process them indefinitely as long as the user does not delete them from his or her device. They are usually used to maintain the preferences or history of a user thus enabling a personalised experience the next time the user accesses the webpage.

1.3. Depending on the purpose

According to their purpose, cookies are classified into five distinct categories:

Technical cookies: These are cookies that allow the user to navigate through a website and use the different options or services at its disposal. Examples of use of this type of cookies are: access to restricted access sections, reminders of the elements that make up an order, carrying out the purchase process of an order, use of security features, storage of content for the dissemination of images or sound or exchange of content directly on social networks.

Personalisation cookies: Cookies which allow the user to navigate with a personalised configuration of the website. They can be based on several criteria; for example, the location of the device, the type of browser used, the regional configuration from which the service is accessed etc.

Analysis cookies:  Cookies which allow the cookie manager to track and analyse the behaviour of users on the website. They allow the manager to determine usage trends, website activity, number of users in each section etc., to develop user profiles and to improve the user’s experience. They also serve to determine which sections should be enhanced or which require revision in order to adapt them to the number of users or forms of access.

Advertising cookies: Cookies which allow an efficient use of the advertising spaces included by the owner of the website. The digital channels of Succodimore SL do not present any type of advertising space.

Behavioural advertising cookies: Are those that allow efficient use of the ad spaces included by the owner of the website and are based on the behaviour of the user who accesses the web service. They are dynamically updated from the continuous observation of browsing habits so that they can develop a specific profile to show the user targeted and personalised advertising. The SUCCODIMORE website does not present any type of advertising space.

  1. Cookies used by the digital channels of Succodimore SL

In order to provide an optimal service to users, our company uses the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies essential for the functioning of the website.

These types of cookies cannot be disabled. If they are blocked in the browser, the website will be incomplete or will not be shown at all.

Google Analytics analysis cookies: these are set by Google Analytics, i.e. they are provided and managed by a third party. They are used for statistical purposes only in order to identify the number of visitors and improve the user experience.

They collect anonymous information about visitors to the website including: number of visitors, the website that redirects the user to the digital channels of Succodimore SL and the pages visited within the website. Succodimore SL assumes no responsibility for the use made by Google Inc. of data obtained through cookies. By accessing the website, the user consents to the processing of data by the third party.

Technical cookies of social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram.

These are managed by those responsible for social networks and are used to store user login information. This speeds up the interaction of the user of the website with their social networks. Succodimore SL declines all responsibility for the use made by the managing company of each social network of the information collected by its cookies. By accessing the website, the user consents to the processing of data by third parties.

In the case of not consenting to the use of cookies that Succodimore SL or third parties make on its website, the user can, depending on the browser they use, block these cookies in their  web browser.

  1. How to disable cookies in main web browsers

– Chrome: go to the following link where you will find information on how to disable cookies in your Chrome browser.

– Internet Explorer: access the following link where you will find information on how to disable cookies in the browser.

– Mozilla Firefox: access the following link where you will find information on how to disable cookies in the browser .